Perfect, just the way we are.

Perfect, just the way we are.

“We rarely see ourselves as perfect just the way we are.” (xv, introduction) -Warrior Goddess Training, Heatherash Amara.


Why is it that we are so hard on ourselves? What is our need for perfection? What compels us to think so badly of ourselves?

The only time I ever feel like I am perfect just the way I am is when I am on vacation. This is when I can get away from the pressures of life, work and society and just be me. Some people have trouble settling into this, feeling like they should be accomplishing more or being more productive, but this is not true for me. For me, getting away from work and the day-to-day routine, allows me to let go of what I imagine people expect of me. I stop wondering if I am good enough, being enough, doing enough, because the purpose of the vacation is to stop ‘doing’ for awhile, and just be. When I am on holiday, I come to a place in my mind where I believe I am valuable, where who I am *is* enough for the people I am with, and I know they are not expecting anything more from me than my company.

Over the Christmas break, I was lucky enough to enjoy a 2 week vacation where I did indeed achieve the state of mind where I believed ‘I am good enough’ and I could feel my Warrior Goddess energy. I wondered if I could bring this feeling home with me... sustain it in my ‘real life’? Then it dawned on me that if my ‘real life’ threw me so far out of alignment from this feeling of being perfect just the way I am, perhaps, my real life is what needs re-aligning when I go home, not my mind. I resolved to stop basing my actions on what I think society deems appropriate (steady 9-5 job, 2 weeks of vacation per year, people pleasing, martyring ourselves... for what?) and start owning the unconventional life I want - where I feel perfect; not for my job title, my status or my accomplishments, but perfect for just being me

I ask myself ‘Who would I be if I let myself live in this state of mind every day?’ I imagine that the energy I have been using on putting myself down would be used instead to cultivate more joy. I daydream that the shackles I keep myself in could melt away and be replaced with a feeling of freedom and possibility. “We rarely see ourselves as perfect just the way we are.” I am reminded by this quote that self-criticism is not our life’s work and I picture a new way of being in the world if we could harness our Warrior Goddess energy instead, to love ourselves; perfect just the way we are.

There IS time for self care.

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