9 things to tell yourself to help you start behaving like you’re rich - and consequently, attract money into your life and even manifest your dreams!

In 2017, I decided to get to know my money better. I have multiple small streams of income and I wanted to know where it all comes from... and more specifically where was it all going?! I don't have much debt, but I am also not accumulating wealth - which I really want to do! I don’t know if these are universally true or not - but this is how I want to be, so this is what I tell myself when I need to adjust my attitude.


  1. Rich people value their time. They don’t over sleep, they don’t spend hours on social media, they don’t waste time with TV. They use their time wisely and are more productive because of that.

  2. Rich people have confidence. They believe in themselves and take risks which brings them more success.

  3. Rich people have places to be. For me, this one means they’re movers and shakers. They don’t stay in their sweats all day. They don’t laze about in their pyjamas.

  4. Rich people look after themselves. They eat right. They work out. They have a morning routine that honours them.

  5. Rich people look after their things. They respect their belongings. They appreciate their stuff. None of it gets run down or tattered. They repair things that need fixing. They keep their cars clean.

  6. Rich people are lifelong learners. They value learning new things. They strive constantly for self-improvement, to be better people than they were yesterday.

  7. Rich people are financially educated. They know about money and they know where their money is. They make money work for them, not the other way around.

  8. Rich people know “You don’t get rich by spending your money”. They value their savings and choose their spending wisely. They also don’t use credit. They may use a credit card - but they don’t spend more than they can pay for each month. ie. They don’t spend what they don’t have!

  9. BUT! Rich people DO give away their money. They are philanthropists. They are generous. They strive to use their money to make the world a better place. They know that what you give away comes back to you in perpetuity.

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